Visit the Flying Field

Whether you are new to model aircraft flying, an experienced model pilot, someone who is curious about the hobby or just want to watch model aircraft fly, we encourage you to visit our flying field.

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Spectators and Prospective New Members Welcome

We are actively seeking new members. We are interested in introducing people to the model aircraft flying hobby as pilots or spectators.

Visit Logistics and Policy

While there is a good chance that someone will be at the field flying on any given day, please contact one of our club officers to arrange a time so that someone will be there to meet you when you visit.

As a non-flying visitor you are welcome to come out as many times as you like.

As a flying visitor, you may fly as a guest of a club member. If you arrange to meet a club officer at the field, you will be flying as a guest of that officer. Flying visitors must be current Full* members of the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) and show their cards prior to flying. Flying visitors are limited to 3 flying visits. After 3 flying visits we ask you to decide whether you want to join the club.

* There are 2 AMA membership options that qualify you to fly as a visitor at Read Memorial Flying Field. In addition, you may be able to fly as an AMA introductory pilot. Contact a club officer for more information.

  1. AMA Full Annual Membership - $75
  2. AMA Introductory Membership - $19.95 (90 days - only available to people who have never been members of AMA before).

 Click here for more information on AMA membership. Click here to join AMA online.

Note: AMA Park Pilot membership DOES NOT qualify you to fly at our field.