Getting Ready for May Combat

 Sunday, May 18 at about 12PM

Combat Launch

Consider joining us for the monthly combat get together.

Items to bring, if you have them:

  1. Hard hat
  2. Combat plane with field equipment, fuel, etc.
  3. 1" wide paper streamer in your favorite color(s)
  4. Lightweight cotton string

Even if you do not have a combat plane, come out to spectate and there might even be an opportunity to fly a combat plane that somebody else brought...

Fly what you bring, but here are 3 designs that people are flying now:

Flat Bat

eCombat Electric Flat Bat

S.P.A.D. Gnat


We are not doing scoring or flying the combat classes, but we are referring to these rules for safety.

AMA Combat Rules

February Combat

Combat High Five.JPG

It was a great day. Some statistics:

  • 7 pilots
  • 6 planes in one round
  • 2 midairs

Competition was fierce, but everyone had a great time. In addition to the standard combat format where all pilots attempt to cut each other's streamers, we did two rounds of Fox and Hounds where only one plane has a streamer and all the other planes attempt to cut it.

We had a few crashes including two midair collisions. The planes can be repaired or rebuilt with modest costs in cash and time.

We had a hot dog cook out around lunch time. We also saw a test flight of an electric combat plane. The electric combat plane had good performance and good crash survivability. Repairs are in progress.

Thanks to Phil for organizing and supporting this event.