Join the Club

Northwest Houston Radio Control Club (NWRCC) is actively seeking new members. Join for access to our excellent facilities and to participate in our model aviation community.

To join the club, you need to be a current Full Member of the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA), complete our 2018 club application (adult version, youth version) and send it with payment to our club Secretary (see detailed instructions on application).


Model Types/ Flying Styles

  • Fixed wing, helicopter and multi-rotors
  • Sport, pattern, 3D, combat, scale and semi-autonomous
  • Electric, glow and gas power
  • Any AMA legal aircraft when operated in accordance w/ AMA and club rules
  • Surface craft welcome in designated areas (boats on the pond and cars/ trucks away from the runway and pits area)
  • Low power model rockets welcome when coordinated with model aircraft operations and flown in accordance with National Association of Rocketry (NAR) rules

Facilities at Read Memorial Flying Field

  • 1000 foot North-South and 600 foot East-West grass runways
  • 600 foot float plane pond
  • Covered pit area
  • Cook shack
  • Generator for electric power and running water
  • Restroom


Model Aviation Community

  • Our members share an intense interest in model aviation.
  • Collectively our members have knowledge and expertise in most major branches of the model aviation hobby. If you have a question or are trying something new, chances are you can talk to a member who has experience with your topic or area of interest.
  • The purpose of the club is to provide a venue for people to enjoy model aviation: we have developed a sense of community and camaraderie that adds to the fun.


Membership Requirements, Types and Costs

NWRCC is AMA chartered club #1081.

Club members must maintain AMA Full membership. AMA Park Pilot membership is not sufficient.

AMA Membership Dues

Age 65+Age 19-65Age 19 & under

Note: Join AMA and pay your AMA dues according to the instructions on the AMA website.

Northwest Radio Control Club Membership Dues

Annual Dues & FeesAdult (Age 19+)Junior (Age 16-18)Youth (under Age 16)
Annual Dues$180$200$
Initiation and Badge Fee (First year only)$83$20$0
Total First Year Cost (if participating in Work Crew*)$263$40$0
Work Crew Opt Out Fee*$125NANA
Total First Year Cost (if opting out of Work Crews*)$388$40NA

Note: You do not pay the Initiation/ Badge fees for subsequent membership years as long as you maintain continuous membership in the club.

*Work Crews

One of the ways NWRCC manages expenses is by asking members to complete at least 2 work days on the property each year. Work Crew participants do 3 hrs of light yard work such as edging around the pits, using a riding mower to cut the grass where the big tractor cannot go or other field/ site maintenance projects.

Work Crew Participation Requirements/ Options

  • Work crews are optional for Junior members (ages 16-18). There is no fee for Junior members to opt out of Work Crews. Youth members are exempt from work crew responsibilities.
  • Members may request exemption from Work Crews due to disability or other qualifying limitations. Exemption requires NWRCC President approval.
  • Members may elect to pay a $125 annual Work Crew opt out fee instead of contributing 2 work days during the year.

You can find more detail on NWRCC membership requirements and fees on the NWRCC Membership Application.


Please contact a club officer with any questions.