Informal Indoor FairField Fun Fly (IIFFFF)


These days most of us have some micro aircraft. Some are fast and powerful enough to fly outdoors on a calm day. Others are suitable for flying in your house. There are also some micro aircraft that you wish you could fly in a large enclosed space so they have room to move while being protected from the wind.

We now have the opportunity to fly these micro aircraft in the Fairfield Athletic Club Gym every other Sunday evening from 6-8PM.

The gym is bigger than your living room, but it is not a huge indoor space. In our trial session on 2/23/2014, we learned that the space is best suited to slow flying indoor micro planes, micro helicopters, micro quad copters or micro 3D Planes.

Micro aircraft that can hover are fine as are indoor planes designed to fly very slowly. Faster micro planes, like the Horizon Hobby Micro T-28 ended up colliding with the walls and basketball goals even under Stuart's expert guidance. The space is just not big enough to fly this type of plane.

Here is a list of the aircraft we successfully flew as well as speculation about a couple more that could probably fly in the space:

Successfully Flown


Expected to be Successful

The intent is not to provide an exhaustive list of recommended or allowed aircraft, but to give an idea of what you will likely be able to successfully fly in the space.

Photo Album

Take a look at some photos from our inaugural Indoor FairField Fun Fly (IFFFF).

Session Logistics

While it is a small space, there should be room for 3-4 people at at time to fly aircraft similar to the above.

If you live in or near Fairfield, the location is ideal. Even if you don't the gym's proximity to Read Memorial Filed makes it a perfect way to end you flying day before heading home.

Please consider coming out to join us for the next session.

Informal Gathering Status

This is an informal gathering at the Fairfield Athletic Club. It is not sanctioned by NWRCC nor the AMA.

This is NOT an NWRCC/ AMA sponsored event but rather a gathering of local flyers to have some indoor flying fun.


Fairfield Athletic Club on Mason Rd across from Keith Elementary. 16055 Mason Rd. 77433. (281) 373-0834